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This weekend is said to bring Sunshine Saturday – when people try to beat the January blues by booking their summer holidays.

But travel claims experts at BL Claims Solicitors are warning shoppers to be careful to make sure their dream holiday doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Daniel Scognamiglio, head of travel claims at the firm, says buyers should make sure they don’t neglect the details in their enthusiasm to get their summer getaway booked.

“You may be excited about the trip but taking care now can make sure you avoid storing up problems for later on,” says Daniel.

“It’s vitally important to take the time to check the small print to make sure you’re adequately insured in case something goes wrong – for example, travelling without insurance for medical emergencies abroad can end up costing you thousands if something goes wrong while you’re away.

“Following a few simple tips can help ensure that you can look forward to your summer break with peace of mind.”

BL Claims Solicitors has the following tips for customers planning to book holidays this weekend:

  • Buy travel insurance as soon as you book – don’t wait until later when it might slip your mind
  • Make sure your policy gives you the right level of medical insurance for your trip – and if you’re travelling independently make sure it covers travel costs if you find yourself stranded
  • Pay by credit card -  it gives you extra protection particularly if you are making a private transaction through a holiday lettings website
  • If you’re booking a package holiday you’re protected by extra regulations and have more protection if something goes wrong.
  • Booking flights and accommodation separately lets you shop around but be aware that you’re not as well covered if, for example, a company goes out of business
  • Check that your booking is protected by a holiday protection scheme by an organisation such as the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA)
  • Avoid discussing your holiday on social media as there are cases in which burglars have used this information to target holidaymakers’ homes
  • If something does go wrong – for example an accident or illness abroad that you believe someone else is to blame for – keep a record of what’s happened and when to enable you to make a compensation claim

BL Claims, a trading name of Blake Lapthorn, specialises in travel claims and its lawyers have more than 20 years of experience in winning compensation for clients’ claims for accidents or illnesses suffered while travelling abroad.

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