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Our Personal Injury team has a number of lawyers who are specialists in dealing with compensation cases involving the abuse of adults such as those who have learning difficulties or who are in some way vulnerable.

We have a number of lawyers who are specialists in dealing with compensation cases involving the abuse of adults such as those who have learning difficulties or who are in some way vulnerable. Adult abuse compensation claims can be complex and very sensitive. The BL Claims Solicitors Personal Injury team has the skills and expertise to deal with cases that involve sexual, physical and psychological abuse as well as harassment. In such cases we always handle compensation claims with discretion and complete confidentiality.

Adult abuse compensation claims can be brought against individuals or against institutions or employers who allowed the abuse to take place (social services, care homes and hospitals).  In some cases, we can make a simultaneous claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Compensation claims for adult abuse are based on civil law, so while it does not punish the offender under criminal law, it can compensate you or your relatives for physical and/or psychological injuries as well as enable funding of counselling and therapy.

Our clients choose BL Claims Solicitors to handle their adult abuse compensation claims because:

  • We are acknowledged leaders in the field
  • Our legal team has, collectively, many years of experience in winning personal injury compensation claims
  • We talk to our clients in jargon-free language
  • We act quickly so clients get the compensation and care they need as soon as possible
  • We are members of industry bodies and panels related to personal injury, which means that BL Claims Solicitors is recognised as being a leader in the legal industry
  • You will discuss your case with a highly qualified lawyer right from the outset

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