Hospital acquired infections

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Many infections are a recognised risk of a medical procedure rather than failures in technique, but if there has been negligence in the diagnosis and treatment of an infection which should have been avoided, our specialist Clinical Negligence team will make a compensation claims against those responsible. This could be a GP, A & E department or other hospital staff who have not provided an acceptable level of care and are therefore negligent.

Examples of hospital infections in which our clinical negligence solicitors have significant expertise include failure to:

  • Monitor a patient’s condition properly following surgery
  • Identify and act upon signs of infection, such as those affecting the whole body (systemic infections) with signs and symptoms of raised temperature, raised pulse rate and/or low blood pressure,  or localised ones where there is pain, swelling, discharge and/or redness
  • Diagnose whether wound infections are deep, affecting other tissues, or superficial
  • Start sufficiently aggressive antibiotic treatment within a reasonable timescale
  • Continue antibiotics for long enough
  • Undertake surgical intervention by washout, debridement (removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue) and/or prompt removal of a prostheses
  • Treat infective conditions such as pneumonia, septicaemia, meningitis, subdural abscess and bacterial endocarditis.

Our clinical negligence experts have also pursued negligence claims when operations have taken place in healthcare units where infection is prevalent or in situations where there have been breaches of health and safety regulations.

MRSA infections

While it is not usually possible to bring a claim for contracting MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) in hospital if the NHS Trust has a suitable policy to deal with infection control, and the trust managers are not wilfully ignoring proper procedures, we can make compensation claims for failure to diagnose and appropriately treat an MRSA infection. If left untreated, or if wrongly treated, active MRSA infection (as opposed to colonisation with MRSA, which does not usually require treatment) can have devastating consequences for patients.

The BL Claims Solicitors clinical negligence lawyers have extensive experience in investigating MRSA claims. We work with microbiologists and infection control experts, as well as experts from other medical fields. If you have suffered very long term effects from an MRSA infection due to negligent treatment, our dedicated Clinical Negligence team will make a compensation claim to take account of your suffering, any associated medical costs and all your financial losses due to absence from work.

Our clients choose BL Claims Solicitors to handle their hospital acquired infection compensation claims because:

  • We are acknowledged leaders in the field
  • Our legal team has, collectively, many years experience in winning clinical negligence compensation claims
  • We talk to our clients in jargon-free language
  • We act quickly so clients get the compensation and care they need as soon as possible
  • We are members of industry bodies and panels related to clinical negligence, which means that BL Claims Solicitors is recognised as being a leader in the legal industry
  • You will discuss your case with a highly qualified lawyer right from the outset

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