Wrongful birth and conception

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If you have suffered wrongful birth or wrongful conception as the result of medical negligence, our Clinical Negligence team has the expertise and experience in this highly complex area of law to help you bring a successful compensation claim.

The types of cases our clinical negligence specialists deal with include:

  • Wrongful conception: failed sterilisation procedures, bad advice about sterilisation, inadequate sterilisation surgery or prescribed drug treatment interactions leading to loss of contraceptive protection
  • Wrongful birth:  failure to detect abnormalities in the baby, for example chromosomal abnormalities, viral infections or congenital defects, which would have led to the offer of termination of the pregnancy as a treatment option

Our experienced Clinical Negligence team deal with such cases with great sensitivity as they can be highly distressing for parents. They can also involve emotional issues surrounding termination of a pregnancy as a result of wrongful contraception or wrongful birth. Our medical negligence solicitors take great care when handling these sensitive subjects.

In cases of wrongful birth, the law allows for the additional costs of bringing up a handicapped child but not for a healthy child. Damages involving compensation claims for the birth of a healthy child are limited and you need advice from specialist lawyers such as those on our Clinical Negligence team. Claims must be brought by the mother within three years of the date of medical negligence or date of knowledge of negligence.

In some cases, depending on parental income, Legal Aid may be available to bring a compensation claim.

Our clients choose BL Claims Solicitors to handle their wrongful birth and wrongful contraception compensation claims because:

  • Our team of specialist lawyers (that includes those with dual qualifications in nursing, midwifery or medicine) will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity
  • We are acknowledged leaders in the field
  • Our legal team has, collectively, many years experience in winning clinical negligence compensation claims
  • We talk to our clients in jargon-free language
  • We act quickly so clients get the compensation and care they need as soon as possible
  • We are members of industry bodies and panels related to clinical negligence, which means that BL Claims is recognised as being a leader in the legal industry
  • You will discuss your case with a highly qualified lawyer right from the outset

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